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Need A Lawyer? Don’t Believe Everything You Read On A Website!

Posted in Personal Injury, Punitive Damages
Billboards. Television. Radio. Lawyer ads are everywhere. It’s easy to smile and claim expertise. It’s much more difficult to perform the study and hard work necessary to win a complicated case. I’ve written previously that I would never hire a billboard lawyer for a serious case. What about websites? I believe websites should contain good… Continue Reading

A New Low In Attorney Advertising?

Posted in Personal Injury
In past posts, I’ve been critical of attorney advertising on television and billboards. These advertisements are a terrible way to find a personal injury attorney. On television, these characters stand on top of 18 wheeler trucks, wear capes, chase ambulances and talk about fast settlements. The attorney (or sometimes just an actor) tries to look… Continue Reading

Alabama Law Protects Sales Representatives and Their Right to Commissions

Posted in Business Litigation
The case is all too common.  A manufacturer hires an independent sales representative.  The sales representative works hard to bring in an important customer.  Yet, once the manufacturer thinks the customer relationship is secure, the manufacturer then begins to cut out the sales representative in an effort to increase its profits. The manufacturer never paid… Continue Reading