Yesterday, I read a blog post by Mobile, Alabama attorney Edwin Lamberth.  Edwin’s blog is always a great source of commentary.  Edwin’s recent post discusses an important issue – foreign companies not being held accountable for the injuries and deaths caused by their defective and dangerous products.

This is a subject I’ve previously addressed as well.  In my prior posts, I discussed the need for Congress to pass legislation protecting the public from needless injuries by holding these manufacturers accountable.  Last year, such legislation was introduced before Congress.  That proposed legislation would not only protect consumers but would also level the playing field for manufacturers in the U.S. who are going the extra mile to try and produce safe products.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed into the issue – but with two bad decisions that deny justice to the victims of defective and dangerous products produced by foreign companies for distribution in the United States.  Edwin’s post presents a great analysis and commentary on these new decisions.  Since his post captures my thoughts on the issue as well, I would just urge others to read it.  I am very troubled by these recent Court decisions further closing the doors of justice to families dealing with a severe personal injury or the death of a loved one due to a dangerous and defective product.  I certainly hope this is not the end of this issue.  Perhaps now Congress will finally act in the interests of the public and business by passing legislation to hold those accountable who ship defective products to us.