I wrote a few days ago about the health issues being associated with the diabetes drug Actos.  Now, the headline yesterday from Bloomberg says it all:


Regulators in France and Germany have already pulled the drug from their markets.  In the U.S., the typically slow to act FDA has begun to take steps as a result of the research.

The main issue surrounding Actos involves research into its relationship to bladder cancer.  Unlike many other cancers, there are fewer potential causes of this cancer.  Thus, it will likely be more difficult for Takeda to blame cases of bladder cancer on causes outside the long-term consumption of its drug, Actos.  I believe there will be claims alleging that Actos caused other problems such as strokes and heart attacks as well.  Other prior drugs in the same class as Actos have had similar issues.

A number of suits are already pending around the country over Actos and bladder cancer.  The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation is currently considering where to consolidate the numerous existing and expected cases for pretrial procedures.  Yesterday, the panel held a hearing on the current Actos litigation.