A 2011 study concluded that Alabama has the 6th highest rate of uninsured vehicles among all states. That statistic should alarm all responsible drivers on Alabama roads.

Alabama law has required drivers to carry liability insurance for many years. This coverage is very important. Yet, a few drivers fail to act responsibly before driving and put the rest of us at risk. For years, Alabama has lacked a system to check drivers for this coverage before they expose others to personal injury on our roads and highways.

I have written on two prior occasions about the need for Alabama to have a system of instant verification. Such a system would allow law enforcement to verify liability coverage of drivers. In 2011, the Alabama legislature passed a law designed to create such a system. Finally, as today’s article in The Montgomery Advertiser states, Alabama ready to get tough on uninsured drivers. This is a good article on how our state is adopting this needed protection for drivers who suffer personal injury through the fault of another. Alabama is moving forward with its system of instant verification. Hopefully, this system will mean fewer uninsured drivers on our roads in the future.