Last week, a Federal Court jury in Florida found Boston Scientific liable for the severe personal injuries caused by one of its transvaginal mesh products. The Florida case involved four women suffering tremendous problems from implanted mesh. The jury assessed $26.7 Million in damages against the company. This was not the first trial loss suffered by Boston Scientific over one of its implanted transvaginal mesh products.

Our office represents a number of Alabama women suffering personal injury as a result of defective and dangerous mesh implants. Across the U.S., thousands of product liability claims have been filed against mesh manufacturers. These manufacturers include Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Ethicon, and American Medical Systems. I’ve discussed the pain and problems caused by these defective products in prior posts.

I followed last week’s trial closely. The lawyers involved in that case worked hard to obtain some justice for their clients. The Judge assigned to oversee all claims pending in Federal Court selected a small number of these claims for initial trials. We have one of the selected cases and are currently in the process of taking depositions of expert witnesses. Medical experts who routinely treat women suffering from defective mesh implant problems know these injuries can cause severe disability. And, they know how difficult it is to help treat these injuries.

As these cases slowly wind their way through the legal process toward trial, Boston Scientific and other mesh manufacturers face significant decisions. Will these companies now accept responsibility and accountability for the thousands of women harmed by their defective products? These companies sold products for implant in women without adequate testing. These companies continued to market these products even after women began to report injuries. These companies refused to accept responsibility for years prior to these recent trials. Now, the companies finally face jury verdicts assessing damages against them. The women injured by these products have difficult stories of pain, disability, and altered lives. It’s time for these companies to accept responsibility.

Too often, the drug and medical device industry sells products that cause substantial harm. Rather than focus on patient health and safety, companies rush dangerous products to market. In addition to cases against transvaginal mesh manufacturers, we are currently pursuing or investigating claims for consumers injured by other defective drugs and medical products, including: