Our firm — Blackwell Law Firm — helps personal injury victims in Alabama. Our cases involve people across Alabama who have suffered a serious injury or disability. We understand serious injuries and the impact those injuries have on individuals and entire families. Our philosophy is simple — the best case results are obtained by hard work and preparation. Unlike many advertising lawyers, we do NOT believe the quick settlement, high volume approach benefits the seriously injured and their families. You will NEVER see us on a billboard. You will find us in court, in deposition, and busy researching legal issues. All serious injuries are personal and deserve a focused and individual approach. Our firm focuses on working each individual case in an effort to obtain the maximum compensation possible. We specialize in injury cases including:

  • Severe Personal Injuries
  • Automobile Crashes And Injuries
  • Wrongful Death Cases In Alabama
  • Workers’ Compensation Injuries And Disabilities
  • Defective Product Injuries And Claims
  • Bad Drug and Medical Device Injuries And Deaths
  • Consumer Fraud Damages

I founded the Blackwell Law Firm in 2016 after two decades of practice with plaintiff injury and trial firms in Birmingham and Huntsville. Our firm is built around the philosophy of preparation. Our team also includes an additional trial attorney with years of experience in jury trials involving serious automobile crashes and insurance claims.

Outside of court, we believe in discussing, researching and teaching on areas of the law within our specialty. This also makes us unique when compared to many firms.

I began this blog years before founding the Blackwell Law Firm. I still post occasionally to it. However, I now post regularly (usually each week) to my firm’s blog at Alabama Injury Lawyer Blog. Most of my commentary can be found on my newer blog. We welcome readers to our blog and website. All of the blog posts are mine, written by me. We do not believe in canned marketing content. Claims and lawsuits are personal. Consumers deserve a personal approach. We hope you find useful legal information and commentary. If you have questions or need a consultation, give us a call. We are happy to discuss your legal issues.