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Court Secrecy Harms The Public

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It’s been almost two months since my last post. Although not writing here, I have been busy writing – including a number of briefs in an ongoing products’ liability case and a separate case involving a public contract in Alabama. Both cases share a common (and troubling) issue. Both involve serious public issues shrouded in… Continue Reading

Public Contracts — A Call For Transparency

Posted in Business Litigation
A recent article discusses an important issue in public pension and health plans — a lack of transparency. I realize this topic is a change from my normal posts discussing personal injury, products’ liability, and Alabama court issues. However, it’s an important issue. It’s one important to Alabama. And, it’s one I’ve explored in a… Continue Reading

Local News Features Our Pharmacist Client and His Fight to Keep Healthcare Choices Available for the Community

Posted in Business Litigation
Last night, a local news channel featured one of my clients and his on-going battle against a California company that wants to restrict pharmacy benefits in Alabama.  Below is the video clip featured on the news: So, what is the story here?  Long ago, the Alabama Legislature created an employee benefit plan providing medical benefits… Continue Reading

Alabama Law Protects Sales Representatives and Their Right to Commissions

Posted in Business Litigation
The case is all too common.  A manufacturer hires an independent sales representative.  The sales representative works hard to bring in an important customer.  Yet, once the manufacturer thinks the customer relationship is secure, the manufacturer then begins to cut out the sales representative in an effort to increase its profits. The manufacturer never paid… Continue Reading