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Need A Lawyer? Don’t Believe Everything You Read On A Website!

Posted in Personal Injury, Punitive Damages
Billboards. Television. Radio. Lawyer ads are everywhere. It’s easy to smile and claim expertise. It’s much more difficult to perform the study and hard work necessary to win a complicated case. I’ve written previously that I would never hire a billboard lawyer for a serious case. What about websites? I believe websites should contain good… Continue Reading

A Novel Approach to the Punitive Nature of Wrongful Death Damages in Alabama

Posted in Personal Injury, Punitive Damages
Alabama law concerning wrongful death claims is unique. Our law differs from every other state in an essential area — the damages recoverable. In Alabama, only punitive damages are recoverable in wrongful death claims. I’ve handled many death claims through the years and this unique issue presents many practical challenges. I’ve previously written about the interaction… Continue Reading

The Alabama Supreme Court Should Review a Recent Tennessee Decision Addressing Punitive Damages

Posted in Punitive Damages
It’s not an Alabama decision. However, I think it provides valuable insight and analysis into an important subject. On November 3, 2009, the Tennessee Supreme Court issued the decision of Goff v. Elmo Greer & Sons. This case involved the appeal of a verdict that assessed only a small amount of compensatory damages with a much… Continue Reading