Supreme Court of Alabama

Does the number of jurors on a panel matter?  Does it affect the fairness of the panel in deciding cases?  Moreover, does justice require a unanimous verdict?  Or, asked another way, does justice require that one lone dissenter prevent a jury panel from deciding a case?  These questions have long been debated by legal scholars. 

Alabama’s courts face a huge crisis that threatens the administration of justice in our state.  This crisis is not the fault of those running our court system.  In fact, these employees have worked very hard to keep the courthouse doors open despite having very few resources to do their jobs.  The administration of justice is

First, let me say that this entry is not meant as a criticism of Alabama’s judicial system.  In my experience, the vast majority of our judges and court personnel are deeply dedicated to providing a fair and efficient system of justice despite increasingly limited resources.  I am simply writing to discuss three current ideas aimed