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The nation’s leading business group is mounting a new attack on advertisements run by trial lawyers that tell consumers about the negative side effects from medical drugs and devices.

Let me start — I don’t like modern attorney advertising. Locally in northern Alabama, we have an attorney on television advertising for automobile accident injury cases who refuses to help injured people in court. And, we have outside lawyers running ads for drug cases who are not even licensed in Alabama.

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In past posts, I’ve been critical of attorney advertising on television and billboards. These advertisements are a terrible way to find a personal injury attorney. On television, these characters stand on top of 18 wheeler trucks, wear capes, chase ambulances and talk about fast settlements. The attorney (or sometimes just an actor) tries to look

I will occasionally review past posts to my blog. I always find it interesting how legal issues develop over time after writing a post. I also find it interesting to see which posts have generated the most views and feedback. The results are often different than I expected.

Almost 3 years ago, I wrote a