In June, a Walmart driver slammed his truck into the limousine carrying comedians Tracy Morgan and James McNair. Morgan suffered severe personal injury. The collision killed McNair.

The crash generated media discussion related to highway safety and, particularly, the safety of large commercial trucks on our roads. Morgan filed suit against Walmart seeking to recover

Last week, a Federal Court jury in Florida found Boston Scientific liable for the severe personal injuries caused by one of its transvaginal mesh products. The Florida case involved four women suffering tremendous problems from implanted mesh. The jury assessed $26.7 Million in damages against the company. This was not the first trial loss

Another driver crashed into you on an Alabama highway. You suffered personal injury. The other driver does not have enough insurance to pay for your damages. Naturally, the other driver also has no money, assets, or other hidden treasure, that can pay for your damages. Thankfully, you have uninsured / underinsured coverage on your policy.

Attorneys and clients often sign settlement papers without a close review. After all, the case is finished. Right? It’s time to get the money. When a case settles, the plaintiff gets paid and drops the claim. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Yet, the language in settlement papers does have meaning. And, sometimes that

We are presently representing clients who have been injured by several different defective medical products, including the diabetes drug Actos and transvaginal mesh. As part of our work, we have studied much of the available medical research.

Recently, I viewed an interesting discussion on an issue important in the medical research. The issue is:

Recent decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court have allowed generic drug manufacturers to escape justice for the personal injuries and deaths caused by their dangerous and defective products. It is unjust that any company could market a defective product and not be accountable for the harm it causes. Yet, our law now provides generic drug manufacturers

On May 16, I wrote an entry titled Justice and Arbitration Fairness. The post discussed the impact of forced arbitration clauses upon families who have suffered personal injuries or damages from corporate wrongdoing.

Since that post, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued several decisions which clearly reveal the destructive impact of arbitration upon justice.

Arbitration. What role should it play in our justice system? What role does it currently play? These are important questions if you have an interest in seeing that those injured are able to access the courthouse for justice.

As Federal policy, arbitration began as a means for sophisticated businesses to resolve complicated commercial disputes