Attorneys and clients often sign settlement papers without a close review. After all, the case is finished. Right? It’s time to get the money. When a case settles, the plaintiff gets paid and drops the claim. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Yet, the language in settlement papers does have meaning. And, sometimes that

We are presently representing clients who have been injured by several different defective medical products, including the diabetes drug Actos and transvaginal mesh. As part of our work, we have studied much of the available medical research.

Recently, I viewed an interesting discussion on an issue important in the medical research. The issue is:

Recent decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court have allowed generic drug manufacturers to escape justice for the personal injuries and deaths caused by their dangerous and defective products. It is unjust that any company could market a defective product and not be accountable for the harm it causes. Yet, our law now provides generic drug manufacturers

Transvaginal mesh and its complications made headlines this week as a jury reached a $3.35 million compensatory damages verdict in a New Jersey Court, with punitive damages to follow. This bold action ignites concern and questions for thousands of other women implanted with the same device.

What is transvaginal mesh?

Transvaginal mesh is a medical