Where do I get my blog topics? Usually, I write about legal issues I’m handling. Sometimes, I write about legal issues in the news.

At our firm, distracted driving is a frequent topic. We are currently helping two people seriously injured by a driver who crashed into them at a high speed while searching

Larger trucks. Heavier loads. Longer driver hours. These proposed changes will make our highways more dangerous. And, they are quietly working their way through Congress.

A recent Baltimore Sun article starts —

With the number of fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers on the rise, now would seem like the wrong time to consider relaxing truck safety

I stood on the side of the road – looking at the scene of a recent log truck collision. Two log trucks sped by me. Stand and watch for just a few minutes. You will understand how the speeding and fully loaded truck rammed into my clients from behind as they slowed to make a