Recent research reveals that early treatment for traumatic brain injury is an important factor in patient recovery. According to an article discussing this research:

Early rehabilitation interventions seem to be essential for how well a patient recovers after a severe brain injury.

I have represented many individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) over the

I rarely write about my current cases. However, some cases present special safety issues. Over the last couple years, I’ve represented the family of a paramedic who lost her life while helping another accident victim on the Interstate. This paramedic left behind a beautiful baby girl and a grieving young husband.

The facts are pretty

Arbitration. What role should it play in our justice system? What role does it currently play? These are important questions if you have an interest in seeing that those injured are able to access the courthouse for justice.

As Federal policy, arbitration began as a means for sophisticated businesses to resolve complicated commercial disputes

Each year, our workers’ compensation system in Alabama faces new threats from the insurance industry. In some states, like Texas, the system has been dramatically altered leaving many injured workers unable to recover and return to gainful employment. In Alabama, injured workers with a partial disability that impacts their ability to work are often compensated