On May 16, I wrote an entry titled Justice and Arbitration Fairness. The post discussed the impact of forced arbitration clauses upon families who have suffered personal injuries or damages from corporate wrongdoing.

Since that post, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued several decisions which clearly reveal the destructive impact of arbitration upon justice.

Arbitration. What role should it play in our justice system? What role does it currently play? These are important questions if you have an interest in seeing that those injured are able to access the courthouse for justice.

As Federal policy, arbitration began as a means for sophisticated businesses to resolve complicated commercial disputes

A personal injury from a car collision can be devastating. When another driver causes the crash and hurts you, he or she should take responsibility for your injuries. In Alabama, drivers are required to have liability insurance to protect others from their negligence. That’s the law. It’s important for our protection as responsible drivers.


In a post on the Alabama Injured Worker Forum, I wrote that Worker Safety Should Be A Top Priority For Government Contractors. Unfortunately, many government contractors put profits over safety. The result is too often a needless personal injury that devastates the worker and his family.

In November, a jury convicted the former safety

I will occasionally review past posts to my blog. I always find it interesting how legal issues develop over time after writing a post. I also find it interesting to see which posts have generated the most views and feedback. The results are often different than I expected.

Almost 3 years ago, I wrote a

Earlier this month, Cumberland Law School sponsored its 26th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar. The speakers at this excellent program included a Judge on The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and a well-known orthopedic surgeon. One of the afternoon sessions included a panel of four attorneys answering questions from the audience related to workers’ compensation